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When and How Do You Start To Save For College

HomeFinanceCollege SavingsWhen and How Do You Start To Save For College?This page may contain affiliate links.Oct 11, 2019Like many engaged couples, Keith and I discussed the things we wanted to do, places we wanted to go on vacation and career aspirations but never money. Like many married couples, our dreams became dimmed when the reality of our lack of finances threw a monkey wrench into our plans. Then, we had a real conversation about where our money was going. We wanted to start saving as early as possible, in every area of our finances and that’s no easy task. Having an established budget helped us to knock out our loans and debt before starting a family. Rules For Saving For College During the early months of our marriage, we decided to wait and start a family in about five years. That would allow us enough time to get on the right track. Children are a blessing, but we wanted to spend time as a couple before our attention became focused on raising kids. Together, we set some financial rules that would help us be good stewards whether we had little or plenty. For instance, We don’t leverage our future for instant gratification We live a lifestyle beneath the levels of our income. We don’t buy anything on credit that we can’t pay for in 30 days You may be wondering how these rules play out in our everyday finances. First, we don’t run out and buy the latest, greatest technology, or upgrade our cell phones every year. Likewise, we also don’t want to choose a college, for any of our children, just because their best friend got accepted or the campus has a great sport legacy and Greek lifestyle. Second, if we aren’t trying to impress people with the things we own, we can have a stress-free lifestyle that isn’t dictated by bills created from the pursuit of possessions and luxury items. Just because others in our income bracket wear designer labels, drive luxury cars, or rent summer homes, we try to consider our short term needs and long-term goals while making wise purchases. Since we don’t want to be borrowers, we usually don’t buy it if we can’t pay for it by the credit card due date. Managing everyday expenses is critical for saving money and takes discipline which is why you can’t wait until the kids are in high school to start saving for college. My Top Ten Budgeting and Saving Tips Raising a large family really raises your awareness to be cost conscious. While I believe raising four boys is cheaper than four girls, it is still a cost that requires preparation. The age difference between our oldest and youngest son is ten years. That means we will have tuition overlaps totaling over fifteen years, which makes it challenging to recover financially. To stay focused on the goal of debt free college planning, we subscribed to a simple Do’s and Don’ts mentality which allows us to be in a constant state of saving money in all areas of our life. Here are our top ten favorite tips that keep us saving on a regular basis: Don’t lease or keep buying new cars. Do buy certified used vehicles, pay them off in 2-5yrs and drive them until the wheels fall off. Don’t eat out every day. Do pack your lunch and take advantage of dining deals, specials, and find coupons. Don’t live like a king, in a palace, with servants. Do live below the 30%- of- income mortgage rule and everyone has chores. Don’t pay full price for services. Do determine the cost vs value, get a few estimates, renegotiate suppliers, and find promotions. Don’t pay full retail for clothing. Do shop clearance, thrift, and consignment shops; create a clothing exchange with family friends. Don’t take expensive or extravagant vacations every year. Do find last minute deals, cheap all-inclusive, borrow friends timeshares, and enjoy stay-cations. Don’t spend your money before you’ve earned it. Do make short and long-term goals, be disciplined, and ask yourself if you need it right now. Don’t pay for stuff you don’t use. Do take public transportation, cancel land-lines, subscriptions, cable services memberships. Don’t buy expensive gifts. Do give books, local event tickets, framed pictures, homemade goodies, and time spent together. Don’t pay finance charges. Do put it back if you can’t pay for it in 30 days, consolidate debt to lower APR% and pay with cash. One Bite At A Time Gets You Debt Free Ask any parent preparing for their child’s college education and most would say that they don’t want to have a ton of loans or be in debt. Paying for a higher education shouldn’t mean paying for it until you retire. It is possible to pay for college and avoid going into debt! As Desmond Tutu said it, â€Å"There’s only one way to eat an elephant-a bite at a time.† Our oldest graduated high school in 2012 and from an in-state university in 2016†¦DEBT FREE! We choose to pay as you go, one semester at a time. With a combination of saving plans, merit scholarships, credit cards, and student contributions†¦we did it! Our savings held up and we are now preparing for our second oldest to enter college next fall. Of course, we hope to replicate the no debt plan so stay tuned for how it all works out. Warren Buffet said it best, â€Å"Don’t save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.† Paying for college is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Don’t give up what you want most, for what you want now. You will pat yourself on the wallet later. You can do it too!

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The Legal Status Of Illegal Immigrants - 1482 Words

Response Essay Throughout history the use of the census has proved to be politically important, from the days of ancient Rome to the modern day USA in order to count the number of people that are living within a given territory. The goal is to count every single individual once regardless of social status, race, ethnicity, or legal status. Although counting individuals sounds like an easy task, the US census is a burdensome task in which the government tries to account for 300 million residents at an estimated operation budget of 14 billion dollars (Singer, Census 2010 Can Count on Controversy). The census is a politically contentious operation because it demands an accurate count of the United States population regardless of many key factors that others find controversial like legal status. Many opponents of counting illegal immigrants in the census view that counting illegal immigrants gives unfair advantages to some states over other in political representation and thus controver sy arises. The House of Representatives and the Electoral College both rely on the accurate exercise of the census since they are numbered by the population in their state. Over counting and undercounting are also contentious issues that arise because both of these defects in the census favor a political party over the other. The issue arises on how to responsibly count every group of people that are usually excluded due to factors like poverty or legal status. The US census serves aShow MoreRelatedIllegal Immigrants And Citizenship And Legal Status1766 Words   |  8 Pagesindividual, but by an unauthorized immigrant abiding in the United States. This was not his first offense either; he was on his third gun charge the day he murdered Shaw. Instead of being deported right away after his first offense, he was sent right back out onto the streets. Jamiel Shaw, Sr. claims that his â€Å"family’s peace and freedom were stolen by an illegal alien from Mexico† and also bel ieves that Congress is â€Å"not securing the border† (â€Å"Illegal Immigrants and Crime†). Under the Dream Act, thisRead MoreIllegal Immigrants Are Granted Legal Status1964 Words   |  8 Pages Right when illegal immigrants are granted legal status, the fear, anxiety, and worries are all gone. It starts to open a lot of pathways to success, or at least to start leading a normal life. Just like everyone else, the get to attain a driver’s license, Identification Card, open business, and have a more flexible schedule for work and mobility. Most importantly, many unfortunate students see the dream of continuing their studies to rise above earning and stressing with low income. For exampleRead Moreillegal immigrant workers should be granted legal status1347 Words   |  6 PagesSupport one position on â€Å"illegal immigrant workers should be granted legal status† For the past 120 years- â€Å"between 1891 and 1920- [America has] received some 18 million men, women and children from other nations† (Bush 554) and causes one of the serious problem in the society. Therefore, immigration reform has been intensely debate among the citizen due to illegal immigrant issues that have become prevalent in United States. However, validating the illegal immigrant workers status should be consideredRead MoreThe Immigration Of Illegal Immigrants1643 Words   |  7 Pagesoverflow of illegal immigrants coming into America, but differ in their strategies of devising a solution to this issue. In short, Democrats believe in giving immigrants the opportunity to enhance our nation by contributing to their communities and workforces, offering them an education, and strengthening social values by keeping families together instead of deporting them. Their main goal is to form a road to citizenship in which illegal immigrants can make their lives here permane nt as legal AmericanRead MoreImmigration And The United States1570 Words   |  7 PagesImmigration has been around since the early 20th century. Right now there are more than 11 million immigrants living in the United States. They come from all over the world but a lot of people think they all come from Central America or South America. They come to the United States looking for a better life than what they had back home. Most of them either come alone or they bring their families with them. If they are closer to the border, they might even try to cross the border illegally. They comeRead MoreEssay about The Immigrations Economy839 Words   |  4 PagesEconomy How many of the legals in the United States have noticed the large number of illegal immigrants in the country increase drastically? Over the last couple years the United States has seen a decline in the economy, which in part has been due to the illegal immigration, mainly coming from the Latin American countries. The characteristic of an immigrant, the amount of money on healthcare and medical care being spent, and the employment status of illegal immigrants have been the main focus byRead MoreImmigration Reform : Legal Or Illegal1520 Words   |  7 PagesImmigration Reform: Legal or Illegal Vigorous debates about immigration policy have been part of U.S. history since the first settlers began arriving from Europe (Novas, 1994; Kessler, 2001; Reichman, 2006). Those who favor more stringent restrictions on entry to the country, and greater penalties for violating those restrictions, argue that it is necessary for the safety and economic security of our nation and to preserve jobs for U.S. born workers (Camarota, 2011). Those who favor more leniencyRead MoreIllegal Immigration1709 Words   |  7 PagesIllegal Immigration: The Undocumented Issue In this paper I will discuss one of the biggest issues in the United States: Illegal immigrants. Some may say that illegal immigration has a positive impact on the United States’ economy, and some think that these undocumented immigrants affect jobs and wages of people that are living in this country. I think that illegal immigrants harm the United States’ economy through their use of our country’s social services such as health care, education andRead MoreLiving With And Around Immigrant Community1684 Words   |  7 PagesLiving with and around immigrant community gives me personal experience of how legal and illegal immigrant families lives in United States. I have heard and experienced so many incidents of immigrant families that makes me question equality of immigration system of United States. Six year ago friend of mine came to United States at the age of 12. After finishing school and college he wasn’t able to find the job he was looking for and within certain period of time if he doesn’t settle in United StatesRead MoreEssay about Illegal Immigrants: Amnesty1007 Words   |  5 Pagesremains to be a controversy because of the topic that is illegal immigration. According to the Department of Homeland security in 2010, there are 10.8 million illegal immigrants residing among the 300+ million Americans. Since then, the number has grown to 11+ million people. The U.S. Congress has always sought to find the solution for illegal immigration, with amnesty being an option. If enacted, an amnesty will give unauthorized immigrants a path to legalization and eventually citizenship. The Immigration

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E Commerce And Its Effect On Our Society - 1277 Words

E-commerce became very popular in this busy world. Our motto is to sell groceries and vegetables online. People are becoming very busy and there is necessary to have one shopping site with such facilities. It makes things easy for both sellers and customers. The main concept involved in this application is that customers can shop virtually using internet and allows them to buy them. Products like eggs, vegetables and other groceries are present in store. It makes more convenient to civilians and transparency is maintained throughout the system. If users are not existing members they can register into the website using their personal information. These credentials make them members and allows them to see various products available and their†¦show more content†¦Customer requests and feedbacks can be viewed by employee. Wholesaler should register into the website in order to sell their products to the store. When they have to sell their products wholesalers should sign in ever y time to sell their products and fix their prices. Process Flow Customer / Buyer A user who wants to purchase an item will register and become a member. If the user is registering, then capture the details – first name, last name, mailing address, mobile number and email id. User will be able to set up his own user id and password to create a login. After logging in, the user can directly start to browse the catalogue or look for a specific item using search functionality. There are two ways to look for a required item in the website. 1. Through the Search option 2. By browsing through the website 1. Through ‘Search’: The user can enter the name or part of the name in the Search field and click on Search button to look for the required item. If there are any matching items, then the search would return those items to display on the screen. If there are no matching items, then an appropriate message will be displayed stating that the searched item is not available. 2. Through ‘Browse’: The user can look for any item just by browsing through the pages until the item is found. By following either of the methods above, if the item is found, then a. The user will have the option to add the item

Template For Pitching Research Accounting â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Template For Pitching Research Accounting? Answer: Introduction This report is about the Finance for Entrepreneurs. In Part A report discuses about 12-month growth plan that is essential for the business to determine that how organization will work. The report also writes a memo to Yani bank to discuss the funding release. A long-term financial plan is also mention in the report for Footgolf Australia. In Part B report discuss about the Entrepreneur Ecosystem how it works and benefits to the entrepreneur, it also includes the list of start-ups in Sydney and report includes the one pitching event of a company. In last section, report focus on the six different companies, which do not work properly and fails in the market. A 12-month plan provides direction to the company to work in a certain direction to achieve their targeted objective in a given time period. Companies can make this growth plan in a simple way by that it would be easily understandable to the employees. Growth plan includes: Company must clear what they have to achieve in the next 12 month. Like they want to increase their sales by 10 percent and reduce their expenses by 2% and added more investors to the company minimum 3 investors must be added in the next 12 month to expand the business (Ward, 2016) Action plan: company should make correct strategy and rightly implement it to achieve objective. Like to increase sales company need to increase their production of the day by that shortage of the product will not occur in the market. To reduce expenses, Company needs to train the employees properly and timely check their efficiency. Training will help the employee to increase efficiency and reducing the errors. Building the right team: Basic requirement of the company is employee or correct people who will lead the company. Right person at right time will be beneficial for the company to achieve is target. Therefore, company needs to hire right person and correctly assign work to that according to his capabilities (Ward, 2016). Teamwork and coordination: To attain objective of the company, employees must work in a team with proper communication because lack of communication will lead the company to downwards. Top-level managers should motivate their employees timely to work with more efficiently and always work in a team and everyone should get a chance to show their skills or abilities while working in a team (Albarracin, et. al., 2014). Review at regular intervals: company must review the performance of the employees timely like every end of the month. This will help the company to analyze the performance of the employees. if any employee is not performing good than company should try to figure out the problem and resolve it and motivate the employee to work on its weakness to overcome it. Alternatively, if any employee is working well than company must apprise employee this will self motivate the employee and this time employee gives 200% to the job (Albarracin, et. al., 2014). Memorandum Footgolf is a game that is mixture of football and golf. Where players have to kick football into a hole in a least shots as possible. This game was invented in 2009 in Netherlands and in March 2013, Leonardo Fernandez incorporated the Footgolf Australia and makes the association who will promote this game in Australia. The future of this Footgolf is very much promising and this game will become favorite all over the world. Company needs funding to explore this game because in Australia, people love this game and popularity of this game in Australia is very much. To promote this game Leonardo needs more people for that he is recruiting the suitable person. Company needs $100,000 per year, company wants that Yani bank do funding to the company, company want that bank will disburse the amount of $25000 on every third month. The first installment will be disbursed in the 1st week of April, and the company will base the next disbursement on the development at the 1st week of July. Likewise further installments will be is disbursed on the same criteria. Financial planning: It is a process where company forecast the income and expenditure of the company for a long-term period by analyzing the current market scenario, companys expenses, economic conditions and various other variables. Long-term monetary development is the method of line up financial capability with long-term service goals. The process involves the monetary forecasting along with strategizing. It helps the organization to estimate the need of finance, and attitude of the organization in terms of money. Money is very much essential for every business to run the organization. If company uses its money in a correct direction than it will affect the business positively and double the business revenue but if money is invested in wrong project than that money will not come again (David, 2011). Every business need money and to invest that money in right direction company makes this long term financial planning, in this company evaluate that how much money they want extra for their business. Bank loans: It is one of the best available options for the company. By which company can take money to expand their business for that money company has to give interest to the bank for longer period. Equity share: Company can issue its share in the market and if company earns profit, company has to give dividend to its shareholders. For long term financial planning company needs to determine its financial status in the market and also analyse the position of the company that will help the company to understand that how much money company required in future and what will be the sources of money that will not include too much cost (David, 2011). Entrepreneur Ecosystem Entrepreneur Ecosystem = an entrepreneurship ecosystem or entrepreneurial ecosystem these both terms refers to the economic or social environment making an impression the regional and local entrepreneurship. It might be a group of various companies, along with start-ups and several coordination units that decide to structure an organization or network and share same goals for discover economies of scale assorted with entrepreneurial drive and flexibility. Economies of scale can be found in company functions like market study, financing, promotion communications, business development, lawful support, and human resources management, monetary and bookkeeping management as every unit is contributing startup spotlight to research and development, sales and pre sales, product management and service after sales. Several researchers think that government is least interested in making an entrepreneurship ecosystem. However, the entrepreneurship ecosystem make loan itself to entrepreneurial st rategy, where targeted can be made to switch the breach in the ecosystem (Corbett, et. al., 2014). There are six domains of entrepreneurial ecosystem, which makes nit successful. Culture must be conductive Leadership and policies should be supportive Proper and accessible finance The quality of human capital must be high Products should be friendly Support of infrastructural and institutional When someone listens the name of Sydney, the first thing comes in mind are its spotless beaches, vibrant people and food. However, from last few years Sydney has develop into more than that the things to see propose tourist. In recent time, Sydney is the address for the major technical start-ups ecosystem in Australia. From the last five years, Sydney has shown significant growth in the startups. Many small startups, which had started earlier, now doing very good growth in the market, and new startups are doing really well in the market and successfully connecting to the people. Majorly, the expansion has been encouraged by the rising figure of incubators, startups events, accelerators and co working spaces (Maritz, et. al., 2015). As Sydney is a resident for the success of various giants like, OFX and Atlassian. Even many small startups are also there which are doing well and ready to lead the world. List of ten successful startups in Sydney: Matt Barrie was founded the website in 2009 and the headquarter of the company is in Sydney. Now company has expanded and opened there offices in various places like London, Jakarta, Manila, Buenos Aires and Vancouver. In the world, it is one of the top most distant employment marketplaces and gets success in acquiring various others marketplaces like, and Lime Exchange (Gani, 2015). OFX: Matthew Gilmor launched the company in 1998 and launched brands in various regions including UKForex, NZForex, UKForex and CanadianForex. Online Foreign Exchange is the full name of company and in 2013, it become public company (Gani, 2015). Atlassian: Mike Cannon Brooks and Scott Farquhar founded the company in 2002. The clients of the company are giants in their industry like NASA and Twitter. Company has raised $210 million until now; among their investors Atlas partners is the one. Company is famous for providing best software solution that sells them (Gani, 2015). Gofar: Company has won the competition of SydStart in 2014. The product of the company is a smart device, which helps in saving the 13 to 22% fuel of the car also enhanced the safety of driver(Gani, 2015).. GoCatch: Ned Moorfield and Andrew Campbell launched the company in 2011. It is a taxi booking app which taking the Australia through squall. Company is planning to expand in abroad and successfully raised $8 million (Gani, 2015). Smart Sparrow: Zack Belinson, Shaowei Ho and Dror Ben Naim founded the company in 2010. Company provides the facility to educators to personalised and create their lessons. Company has successfully managed to raise $12 million and to make online learning more interesting; they are doing their newest round of financing (Gani, 2015). Nitro: The Company was founded in 2005. Company was successfully increasing their customer base and since then it has more than 490,000 populace in almost 200 countries. Company protected $15 million financial support round from US Company Battery venture and has hoisted more than $21.6 million. Company has offices in St. Petersburg and Dublin. Stackla: Company was established in 2012 and opened their offices in London and San Francisco adding their headquarter in Sydney. Company provides communal content advertising platform that allows various brands to determine and exarch content from the communal network. Lekker Bikes: Company was started in 2009. 35-year-old Meindert Wolfraad founded the company and does a great job by doubling the business profit every year striking $two million in 2014. Company has increased its staff members and successfully tripled its association of trade partners following the launch in overseas. The dealers of the company are in USA, New Zealand, Singapore Netherlands, UK, Germany and Belgium. Showpo: Company was founded in 2010. The revenue of the company has grown by 288% to $10 million in 2014 and from 2013; their profit has increased by 381%. Company has a good number of followers on Instagram and Facebook numbers are 550,000 to 875,000. The Australian Startup Awards 2014 awarded company as Start up of the year. It is a phase of modernism with growing demand of artistic separation in on a daily basis. This art industry has lot of scope but its limited to niche market the problem in this kind of company that agree to investor to invest in the company s difficult although its a high margin industry (Faff, 2015). The Six different companies are: Auctionata: the company deals in auction website that mainly paying attention on antiquarian stuffs. The company ran by the international specialist and company gives a real time structure. The company went on decline when co-founder and former CEO Alexander Zacke found in serious buy and sell violations of the products. When Auctionata board associates and Zacke, were charged of unlawfully bidding on the own auctions. Investors found their money would not be safe in the company. Therefore, investor stops funding to the company (Research Briefs, 2017). Imzy: Jessica Moreno and Dan McComas formed the Company. They both are the former employees of Reddit. The company was operating a display place for fit societies where its associates are liberated from nuisance and abuse. The company was now inactive due to company was failed in performing well in the market (Research Briefs, 2017). Happy Home Company: the website of the company now shows a message that announcing company is inactive. Initially company was doing well had a good customer base and supportive investors but company was failed to grow their business form star up to a great company. Company services are very good they provide facility to customize the home cleaning of landscaping at an affordable price. Doug Ludlow formed the company (Research Briefs, 2017). SunEdison: Jigar Shah formed the Company. The last funding to the company was on Feb 2017. The corporate mission of the company is simple. The company converting by using a diverse approach to solar energy. The companys corporate emission is simple: to build solar service a feasible and pleasing options to conventional energy sources. Company is acquired now (Research Briefs, 2017). It is a mobile app, which provides a facility to user for pick and drop of laundry. The app also provide an facility to the user to decide the time of pick up and drop according to customer convince. Jordan Metzner created the company. The assets of the company are purchased now (Research Briefs, 2017). the company is dead now. Founder of the company are Adam Chapman, Sinjin Bain. The company is creating an excellent technologies and tools giving control in the hands of creators to build and circulate amazing games (Research Briefs, 2017). There are various reasons for the success and failure of the organizations. If organization works according to plan and manage all the departments in the organization properly than the chances of success of the organization will increase. However, if any company fails to implement correct strategy than they will fail for sure because right planning is mandatory or direction is necessary for the organization. Some companies are initially started well but fail to encash their success, and later fail in the market and company their companies are shut down. Conclusion The report concludes Footgolf game is very much popular in Australia and Leonardo is trying to famous this game globally. This report mainly concludes that finance is very crucial part of the company and company thinks twice before spending their money especially for the start ups because initially start ups need money a set up their business. References: Ward, J., (2016)Keeping the family business healthy: How to plan for continuing growth, profitability, and family leadership. Germany: Springer. Breitbarth, T., Kaiser-Jovy, S., and Dickson, G. (Eds.). (2017)Golf Business and Management: A Global Introduction. UK: Routledge. Albarracin, D., Johnson, B. T., and Zanna, M. P. (Eds.). (2014)The handbook of attitudes. UK: Psychology Press David, F. R. (2011)Strategic management: Concepts and cases. Peaeson/Prentice Hall. Corbett, A. C., Katz, J. A., and Siegal, D. S. (Eds.). (2014)Academic Entrepreneurship: Creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. UK: Emerald Group Publishing. Maritz, A., Jones, C., and Shwetzer, C. (2015) The status of entrepreneurship education in Australian universities.Education+ Training,57(8/9), pp. 1020-1035. Faff, R. W. (2015) A simple template for pitching research.Accounting Finance,55(2), pp. 311-336. Research Briefs (2017) 232 Startup Failure Post-Mortems. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 21-September-2017) Gani, F. (2015) SYDNEY STARTUP ECOSYSTEM. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 21-September-2017)

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The Aztec Indians, Who Are Known For Their Essays (488 words)

The Aztec Indians, who are known for their domination of southern and central Mexico, ruled between the 14th and 16th centuries. Their name is derived from Azatlan, the homeland of the north. The Aztecs also call themselves Mexica and there language came from the Nahuatlan branch of the Uto-Aztecan family. The Aztecs were formed after the Toltec civilization occurred when hundreds of civilians came towards Lake texcoco. Late families were unfortunate and were forced to go to the swamp lands. In the swamp lands there was only one piece of land to farm on and it was totally surrounded by more marshes . The Aztec families some how converted these disadvantages to a might empire known as they Aztec Empire. People say the empire was partially formed by a deeply believed legend. As the the legend went it said that Aztec people would create a empire on in a swampy place where they would see an eagle eating a snake while perched on a cactus which is growing out of a rock in the swamplands. This is what priests claimed they saw while entering the new land. By the year 1325 Their capital city was finished. They called it Tenochtitlan. In the the capital city aqueducts (piping) were constructed, bridges were built, and chinapas were made. Chinapas were little islands formed by pilled up mud. On these chinapas Aztecs grew corn, beans, chili peppers, squash, tomatoes, and tobacco. Tenochtitlan (the capital city) was covered in giant religious statues in order to pay their respects to the gods. In the Aztec religion numerous gods controlled an Aztec's daily life. Some of these gods include: Uitzilpochtli (the sun god), Coyolxauhqui (the moon goddess), Tlaloc (the rain god), and Quetzalcoatl (the inventor of the calendar and writing). Another part of the Aztec religion was human sacrifices. For their sacrifices the priest would lay the man or woman over a convex (rounded) stone, then he would take a sharp knife and cut the victims heart out. They did this because they believed that good gods could prevent bad gods from doing evil things and they also believed that good gods got their strength from human blood and hearts so they had sacrifices in order to keep their gods strong. For major rituals warriors were sacrificed, for the warrior this was one of the greatest honors and for minor rituals prisoners were used. In an Aztec marriage the grooms shirt is tied to the brides dress in order to express there bonding and after the wedding incents were burned for 4 days before proceeding with the marriage. In 1519 Hernando Cortes, a Spanish explorer, led over 500 men into Aztec territory to search for gold. Aztecs thought he was a representative for a certain white skinned god so they respected him. It all changed when the Aztecs saw that Hernando was melting down their golden statues and shipping them back to Spain. The Aztecs decided to attack Hernando and his men. The Aztecs were successful and drove the Spanish away. In 1520 the Spanish attacked the Aztec's capital city and destroyed their civilization. That was the end of the Aztec's mighty empire had built so long ago.

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Good Teacher Essays

Good Teacher Essays Good Teacher Essay Good Teacher Essay Throughout my life I have been taught by a number of teachers, all of whom have had some form of influence on me whether it be positive or negative. However, through this intellectual journey I have discovered many qualities that have distinguished these great teachers from the rest. A great teacher has certain qualities that distinguish him/her from the other teachers. He/she shows qualities such as patience, kindness, flexibility, resourcefulness, tolerance and open-mindedness. He/she also has a good sense of humor and is honest, humble, and enthusiastic and most importantly enjoys teaching. A great teacher always smiles at his/her pupils and dedicates him/herself to the job. One special quality that I have most often found in a great teacher is that they are able to be my friend. I do not know anyone better to trust and gain knowledge from than a friend. A friend is often a person that you remember for the rest of your life. However, I also believe that there must remain a balance between representing an authority or a friend so that the student shows respect. Some of the best teachers that I have been taught by have shown almost like a motherly or fatherly love towards their students. : This attribute, in particular, is something that makes a really great teacher. One of my most memorable teachers was from grade five, named Mrs. Chinnevai. At one point during that year I remember having a very difficult time dealing with the death of my grandpa and she was able to comfort me and talk to me at a time when I needed it most. Whenever I just needed to talk to her she made herself available and that made me feel like she really cared about me and that my feelings mattered to her. For me, a good teacher is someone who teaches not only with their mind but also with their heart. This is a person who truly cares about his/her pupils and their interests, wishes and feelings and is also someone that a student can confide in times of sadness or of joy. It is great for a teacher to be able to get to know each one of his/her students personally in order to help them with their problems. Aside from representing kindness and love, a great teacher can find the right way of teaching between his/her passion for the subject and the interests of the class. This is the type of teacher who is able to challenge his/her students to become all that they can be which, in turn, helps to build confidence and self-esteem in students. He/she is not only able to teach textbook materials but also the truth about what is happening outside in the real world. In grade eight, while living in Alberta there was one teacher in particular who stood out from the others. Her name was Mrs. Maclean and she gave me the encouragement and confidence that I needed to succeed. Her believing in me at times when I did not even believe in myself made my want to strive to be the best person that I could be. She taught me that I could do anything if I just set my mind to it and those words had a great impact in motivating me. There are many qualities that distinguish one teacher from another. However, each individual has his or her own opinion of what a great teacher is to them. For me, those qualities are a passion for teaching, being able to form a friendship with students as well as caring for them. I believe that education does not continue after school but continues throughout life and I am sure that throughout my life I will come across many more great teachers.

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Secondary Data Analysis Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Secondary Data Analysis Assignment - Essay Example figure 3 Deprived total compared No-qualification Level 4.2. Economic Deprivation: All Claimant compared higher level(4,5) qualifications 3.2.1 figure 4 All Claimant compared higher level(4,5) 5. Census Data and ACRON 5.1. Areas of agreement 5.2. Differences 6. Advantages and disadvantages of Census and ACRON 6.1. Advantages of Census 6.2. Disadvantages of Census 6.3. Advantages of ACRON 6.4. Disadvantages of ACRON 7. The Conclusion: Data Sources and Their Importance 1. Introduction and Background: The Office for National Statistics (ONS) produced Census data during 2001 and updated it during 2004. ONS counted all people resident in the area at the time of the 2001 Census and were aged 16 to 74 years old. On the other hand, CACI produced A classification called ACRON categorizing all UK population into 56 types. CANI provides marketing research and consumer classification data. In the following I will present some data analysis based on 2001 census data and then some information from ACRON. This practice will help me in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both the sources. 2. Qualifications: In the following I will present the qualification comparison between Kingston upon Thames (Kingston), London, and England. This comparison will reflect the overall situation of qualifications in the respective area, region, or country with respect to the percentage of all people. 2.1. Qualification Comparison: All Levels As Kingston is part of London region and London region is a part of England, for valid and vivid comparison I will convert those counts into percentage with respect to all people counted in that area. Further, for better understanding the data will be represented in bar chart. 2.1.1. table 1 Comparison of Qualifications : All Levels    Area Level Kingston London England All People 109058 5300332 35532091 No Qualification 18707 1257929 10251674 Level 1 13315 689228 5909093 Level 2 20116 904205 6877530 Level 3 13503 518624 2962282 Level 4,5 37 698 1642467 7072052 Level Others 5719 287879 2459460 Data source: 2001 Census  © Crown Copyright 2001 2.1.2. table 2 Qualifications Comparison Percentage : All Levels    Area Level Kingston London England No Qualification 17 24 29 Level 1 12 13 17 Level 2 18 17 19 Level 3 12 10 8 Level 4,5 35 31 20 Level Others 5 5 7 Data source: 2001 Census  © Crown Copyright 2001 2.1.3. figure 1 Comparison of Qualifications in Percentage: All Levels Figure 1 reflects that in Kingston, trend of lower qualification is lower and higher qualification is higher as compare to London and England. For instance, no-qualification and level 1 qualification are respectively 17% and 12% as compare to 24,13 of London and 29,17 of England. On the other hand Level 4,5 qualification is higher in Kingston with the percentage of 35. Remember that level 1 is the lowest level of qualification in census and level 4,5 is the highest. Upon the basis of this data analysis I can safely conclude that level of qualific ation in Kingston is better than collective level of London and of England. In next section I will analyze whether this pattern have some correlation with economic deprivation or not? 3. Economic Deprivation: In 2001 census, for economic deprivation five key figures have been mentioned. In the following I will analyze three key figures i.e., All People of Working Age Claiming a Key Benefit(All Claiming), Jobseeker's Allowance Claimants(Jobseeker’s claimants), and Incapacity Benefits Claimants(Incapacity claimants). 3.1. Economic Depriva

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Comparison of Aims, Objectives and Purpose of Marks & Spencers And Essay

Comparison of Aims, Objectives and Purpose of Marks & Spencers And Lidl Ltd - Essay Example This paper illustrates that business news and subjects have always formed a considerable hype among people and the race among the business firms are of particular interest to readers. However, this article is not about competition but reflects the internal aspects of business management and compares two top-ranking firms and their business practices. One of the companies is a front line retailer and supermarket chain operating globally, Marks & Spencer’s while the other one is the discount supermarket chain, Lidl. In reference to the selection of the companies, it is important to justify that these companies have been selected in order to understand the differences in their management and operational practices in relation to their particular industry traits. The company started its operations in the year 1940 and expanded their operations in 20 countries in Europe during the period of 1973. The privately held company with headquarter in Germany, over time, evolved as the fifth largest retailer in the globe in terms of sales, as per the statistics of 2011. The sales of the company rose to higher levels with the increase in their service processes and also helped them gain a reputation in the national retail and supermarket industry. The business operation of Lidl highly reflects the mission incorporated by the company. Lidl is well-aware about their existing size and customer base and aims to integrate customers across customers with different values and traditions. Lidl infuses systematic approach to achieving their primary goal i.e. customer satisfaction. The company understands the importance of the value of money for the customers and accordingly formulates the corporate strategies. The excellence of such strategies is reflected from the pricing decision and promotional strategies used by Lidl.

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Analyzing Poetry Essay Example for Free

Analyzing Poetry Essay Ezra Pound’s poetry is striking in its break from the blank verse which occupied the page during the transcendental period. Taking points from Whitman’s free verse style, Pound gives the reader a subjective look at poetry. The poem A Virginal gives the reader both phantoms and tangible feelings of which the narrator is powerless to control (much as the war made countrymen feel a powerlessness in the death of their comrades). This is supported with lines such as â€Å"And left me cloaked as with a gauze of aether† (Pound line 5). It is this symbolic castration that war represents which plays a significant role in Pound’s poem. Pound’s poem War Verse Pound gives a rather ambivalent opinion of World War I. The point of the poem is that he wants poets to give soldiers their time; he was speaking about poets winning awards for their poems about the war, of which they had seen no action. The beginning lines of War Verse are, â€Å"O two-penny poets, be still! For you have nine years out of every ten To go gunning for glory with pop guns; Be still, give the soldiers their turns† (Pound lines 1-2). In either poem this idea of not being able to do anything about the war and the deaths that were the outcome of that war, are the impetus to Pound’s feelings. The form of either poem are similar, and the subject matter of course is strikingly the same. In T. S. Eliot’s view of the past as expounded upon in his essay Tradition and the Individual Talent have to do with following tradition. Eliot criticizes poets and critics for only following a tradition that is merely one generation removed from the present and says that we ought to follow the maturity of the poet, not the expanse of his work, not the work done with less vigor as we are apt to do. In his essay Eliot says we must understand what it is when we speak of tradition; which means that we cannot ignore any of the work, that a poet must strive uphold tradition in knowing the full expanse of literature (not just the previous generation’s triumphs) as Eliot states, the historical sense compels a man to write not merely with his own generation in his bones, but with a feeling that the whole of the literature of Europe from Homer and within it the whole of the literature of his own country has a simultaneous existence and composes a simultaneous order. (Eliot paragraph 3) For T. S. Eliot, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock can be said to be the addressing of age, life, and one’s personal fight with the passing of days. The many allusions throughout the poem may be attributed to various issues concerning one’s growing old. In line two, for example, Eliot makes the comparison of the evening to an unconscious patient on an operating table. The consequence of this comparison is that the reader begins to see the evening as not the end of a day, but rather the end of someone’s life – old age. With this allusion used in Eliot’s poem the reader is allowed to explore their own understanding of how their life has been in comparison to the illustrations used by Eliot. Thus, the reader becomes a part of the poem; an active listener in the story/poem told by Eliot. The personification of the time of day at the beginning of the poem, then leads the reader to view the rest of the poem in a manner conducive to that comparison – with all of the metaphors dealing with life. This comparison is further pressed in line 23, with â€Å"And indeed there will be time†. This solidifies the metaphor of time, and a person’s dealings with it. Eliot seemed to enjoy writing in the metaphysical aspects and indeed this is strongly reflected in Prufrock, while Eliot balances this writing with concrete imagery. Though Eliot insists â€Å"there will be time†, he follows this line with a list of many things that one does throughout his or her life. This expansive list would fill a lifetime, and therefore refute the idea of endless time that line 23 infers. Eliot liked to write in contradictions since humanity was full of contention points and paradoxes. The hesitations and frivolous actions of life listed in this poem are not an affirmation of the ability to achieve these goals, or waste this time, but instead it is a warning that time passes, without respect to the desire or intent of a person. Eliot makes mention of this by indicating that his hair is thinning, something that he does not desire to occur, yet does – outside his control. This again is the metaphysical aspect of Eliot’s writing which could perhaps have been inspired by Donne’s work, yet Eliot’s writing style seems to be more realistic than Donne’s and Eliot writes with a sort of paying attention to the fringes of humanity and exploring darker concepts of the human mind; such as death and time in this poem. Works Cited The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Vol. II, ed. Lauter, et al (Vols. C, D, a

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Halloween KO Frankenstein :: Free Essays Online

Halloween KO Frankenstein Fade in: Amidst the crowd and noise of a swarm of children and their parents in a whirlwind, last-minute attempt to find Halloween costumes and makeup, Kenneth Branagh and Helena Bonham Carter-Branagh stand hand and hand—pinned against an â€Å"Austin Powers suit† and the ever-popular â€Å"Hershey Kiss† garb. Kenneth’s brows are furrowed and a small wrinkle on his forehead is tense with concern as to how he is going to find anything among the crowds. The door to the store opens occasionally, inviting the crisp October air in—sending small chills up his and Helena’s arms. Helena, standing impatiently in a crimson shawl, weight on one side, looks up at her husband, lips pursed—annoyance dancing in her chocolate eyes. Helena: Remind me why we’re here again, Kenny? Kenneth: Oh honey—you know the party’s tomorrow and we couldn’t show up without costumes. Two noisy youngsters, each with unruly black hair, sucking lollypops run past Kenneth and into Helena—igniting a surge of pain down her side. The children mutter an untranslatable â€Å"sorry† before continuing off to look at the sets of fake blood to Helena’s direct left. Helena: (rubbing her thigh) I know—but why are we here? I mean we have personal assistants to take care of these kinds of things. Kenneth: Dear, I thought it would be fun. After all, we haven’t had a night out together since I started touring with the Shakespearean Company again. Voices from the crowd yell â€Å"Heads Up!† just as a shelf full of Monster’s Teeth and Spirit Gum tumbles on Helena from above. A small, freckled girl with straw colored pig-tails points at Helena with a pudgy finger. Girl: (sardonically) We said...HEADS UP! Ignoring the pain in her leg, Helena rubs her forehead while pulling a pair of green Monster Teeth out of her tousled curls. Helena: (mumbles to Kenneth) Fun. . .right. . . Kenneth: (tugging on their laced hands) Come dear, lets go ask the lady at the counter so we can leave and go get some sleep. I don’t want to have bags under my eyes tomorrow in front of our Hollywood friends. Weaving through the crowds of people, Kenneth spots a store clerk wearing a â€Å"Hello my name is: Sarah† nametag standing behind a short female customer. Kenneth: Excuse me?. . .uh, excuse me! Sarah looks up at Kenneth, squinting viciously in his direction.

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Older Run

Analyzing Two Adventurers, Gary and Karana Gary Paulsen, the narrator and author of â€Å"Older Run† and Karana, in an excerpt from Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell, are both some type of adventurer. Their adventures and reactions are similar in various ways and are diverse in others. Gary Paulsen experiences a real-life survival adventure with his sled dogs. He is a dogsledder with a team of ten dogs. The dogs have been through vigorous preparation so he is sure that they will have had enough strength and training to satisfy him throughout the run.The run starts out well; Gary was carrying enough extra food and decides to do an open run. He decides this because he wants to steer clear of the forests, the younger dogs might forget what they’re doing and run into trees. As they reach a trestle, Gary discovers that some nutcase had stolen the plywood from the trestle. As a result of the plywood being taken, Gary performs a suicidal maneuver that causes h im to fly twenty feet, and then land into the snow. After he realizes his luck, he works to prepare his dogs to recuperate so he can finish his journey. Gary tries in vain to get back his dogs but each time he is met with failure.But, his dogs come back for him as he merrily drives them to their destination. Karana also experiences real-life adventure which is like Paulsen’s in some ways. Both Paulsen and Karana are vengeful torward someone or an animal. Paulsen is vengeful toward the maniac that tore out the plywood from the trestle because the missing plywood caused him a sufficient amount of difficulty. Karana is vengeful toward the dag that killed her brother because now she was alone on the island except for other animals, including a pack of vicious, menacing dogs. Like Paulsen, Karana also feels determined.She feels determined when she built the fire to drive the dogs out of the cave because it will give her a chance to kill some of the pack. Paulsen feels determined b ecause he needs to get the dogs back on track after he scattered them accident because he was thrown off the trestle. Paulsen is confident that he was ready to leave for the run because the dogs had been taught and trained. Likewise, Karana was confident that of her use of bow, arrow, and spear to kill the lead dog in revenge for killing her younger brother. Paulsen and Karana are also different in some ways.Paulsen is optimistic about his dogs traveling with him when they first start off because he enjoys riding behind dogs in sled. But, Karana is uncomfortable about the lead dog (Rontu) sleeping inside her house so she sleeps outside on a rock because being eaten by a hefty black dog does not appeal to her. While Gary Paulsen is fearful that his education has fallen behind the dogs and he might never catch up, Karana feels affectionate toward Rontu when she treats his arrow wound. Finally, Paulsen was surprised that all of his dogs came back for him after he caused them so much tr ouble and struggle.On the other hand, the first three days Rontu is staying in Karana’s home to recover, Karana is longing for the dog, Rontu, to leave her house so she can have some peace and privacy. In conclusion, Gary Paulsen Experiences real-life survival adventure with his team of sled dogs while Karana also experiences a real-life survival adventure which is like Paulsen’s in some ways and different in others. Karana and Paulsen’s reactions show that they are determined to reach their goal and that they can have a sudden change of heart.

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Spending On The Construction Of New Sports Facilities

Spending on the construction of new sports facilities grew at a staggering rate post 2007. A total of 13.4 billion is being spent on around 81 arenas and other major as well as minor sport facilities in and around the U.S. at least through 2010. The association of exceedingly high cost has put the subject of public financing of new stadiums and playing arenas under exceptional examination. The development of another stadium or playing arena is a costly job which these days can often surpass a few hundred million dollars. In the pre-1990 s period the vast majority of the sports facilities were for the most part supported through public financing, however with the progression of time as the financing prerequisites for developing new sports facilities grew, so did the financing techniques. Public financing for major sports arenas is mainly done by heavily subsidizing the construction process of these stadiums. The main argument of local governments favoring the use of tax payers money for construction of sports facilities is that these facilities will better the entire area and city as a whole. The main sources of public financing for building new sports facilities include; sales taxes, general obligation bonds, beneficiary taxes, tax increment bonds, revenue bonds and proximity taxes. Given the complicated and often conflicting arguments regarding stadium financing, the only advisable course of action for policymakers is to make the debate more open and honest. IfShow MoreRelatedThe Effects of Sports Teams and Stadiums on Cities Essay1501 Words   |  7 PagesThe Effects of Sports Teams and Stadiums on Cities What if a tax increase came to a city because of a sports team, would it be alright? Of course not, right? Well, consider being told as a tax payer and being told it will help the economy of city to build a stadium. However, a tax increase is never highly looked upon, and large companies sell extraordinary economic growth, and cannot produce the promise. Read MoreDo Public Subsidies For Professional Athletic Organizations Benefit Their Local Community?1591 Words   |  7 Pagesprofessional athletic organizations benefit their local community? Sports teams, or professional athletic organization, are extremely important institutions within a city or region. They can help connect people with places, and through this loyalty, a sense of civic pride can be seen. Furthermore, the multi-billion dollar industry sports produces effects that can impact individuals and communities. In recent years dozens of new sports stadiums have been built throughout the country, with major fundingRead MorePublic vs Private Funding Private Stadiums1133 Words   |  5 Pagestransformation of professional sports stadiums in North America and the rest of the world. In the United States and Canada alone, by 2012, 125 of the 140 teams in the five largest professional sports leagues, the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Soccer (MLS), and National Hockey League (NHL), will play in stadiums constructed or significantly renovated since 1990. This new construction has come at a significant cost,Read MoreSports And The National Football League1608 Words   |  7 Pagesthose who love sports, especially when their home team wins a game. Even if they do not win, fans will stick by their teams. Local businesses go great lengths to show support for their local teams. For example, the Reunion Tower in Dallas changes its light colors to support the local teams on game days. Sports also have a way of connecting fans with places as they cheer for a touchdown, homerun, or goal at public restaurants and bars. Because team owners are aware that pro sports play an importantRead MoreEssay about New Stadium1351 Words   |  6 Pagesmore than a dozen new stadiums have been built within the United States. A sports facility has potential to become a major source of revenue, venue for advertising, and brings about economic and social benefits to the community. The goal of a new facility is to increase the fan base, boost revenue, and increase a team’s competitivene ss. For cities to reap the benefits of a new facility there must be support from the city, as well as, support from city officials. Building a new facility provides moreRead MoreStadiums : Stadiums And Stadiums1587 Words   |  7 Pagesthe most luxury suites as possible† (Johnson). The issue with stadiums in today’s sporting world is not the size or cost it takes to go attend a game, it is the price of building the stadium itself. Statistics show that since 1990, ninety-five new facilities have been built, or are in the planning stages, with more than $21.7 billion being spent on these projects (Johnson). The price of building a luxurious stadium to keep up and outdo other teams is increasing and the cost of building that stadiumRead MoreEffect Of The On A Sport Event1744 Words   |  7 PagesFirstly, he depicts the multiplier used by each of the impact studies. A multiplier is a coefficient, which displays the multiplier effect on the economy when visitors spend money on a sport event. The money spent in the host community will launch a ripple effect, thus converting the direct impact of the spending into indirect and induced impacts on the economy. A higher multiplier suggests, that more of the initial injection of money into the economy stays within without leaking out of the localRead MoreImpact Of Sporting Activities On Sporting Events1492 Words   |  6 Pagesworld. This is because of the economic benefits associated with hosting a sporting event. Economic impact in sporting events can be defined as the net change in an economy resulting from a sport event. The change is caused by activity involving the acquisition, operation, development, and use of sport facilities and services (Lieber Alton, 1983). The net change here refers to the difference between the income entering the economy as a result of the sporting event and the income that would have enteredRead MorePositive Effects Of The Olympic Games Essay1880 Words   |  8 PagesBusiness opportunities for companies Businesses in New South Wales won A$1bn worth of contracts from the Sydney games and an additional A$300mn was generated by local business. Over 55,000 people received employment related training. If London hosted the Olympic games, thousands of UK firms could be involved in supplying everything from construction to manufacturing, catering to merchandise. ( Boost to tourism The tourist industry wont just boom duringRead MorePositive Effects of the Olympic Games2021 Words   |  9 PagesBusiness opportunities for companies Businesses in New South Wales won A$1bn worth of contracts from the Sydney games and an additional A$300mn was generated by local business. Over 55,000 people received employment related training. If London hosted the Olympic games, thousands of UK firms could be involved in supplying everything from construction to manufacturing, catering to merchandise. ( Boost to tourism The tourist industry wont just boom during the