Wednesday, May 6, 2020

E Commerce And Its Effect On Our Society - 1277 Words

E-commerce became very popular in this busy world. Our motto is to sell groceries and vegetables online. People are becoming very busy and there is necessary to have one shopping site with such facilities. It makes things easy for both sellers and customers. The main concept involved in this application is that customers can shop virtually using internet and allows them to buy them. Products like eggs, vegetables and other groceries are present in store. It makes more convenient to civilians and transparency is maintained throughout the system. If users are not existing members they can register into the website using their personal information. These credentials make them members and allows them to see various products available and their†¦show more content†¦Customer requests and feedbacks can be viewed by employee. Wholesaler should register into the website in order to sell their products to the store. When they have to sell their products wholesalers should sign in ever y time to sell their products and fix their prices. Process Flow Customer / Buyer A user who wants to purchase an item will register and become a member. If the user is registering, then capture the details – first name, last name, mailing address, mobile number and email id. User will be able to set up his own user id and password to create a login. After logging in, the user can directly start to browse the catalogue or look for a specific item using search functionality. There are two ways to look for a required item in the website. 1. Through the Search option 2. By browsing through the website 1. Through ‘Search’: The user can enter the name or part of the name in the Search field and click on Search button to look for the required item. If there are any matching items, then the search would return those items to display on the screen. If there are no matching items, then an appropriate message will be displayed stating that the searched item is not available. 2. Through ‘Browse’: The user can look for any item just by browsing through the pages until the item is found. By following either of the methods above, if the item is found, then a. The user will have the option to add the item

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